From Sprint Boner to Mountain Boner and everything in between. Celebrating the peculiarity of the EuroCycling Scene whereby it seems that it's customary in the peloton to see who can be photographed with the biggest boner.

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"tony gibb"
Sorry lads, however much you beg, your boners are NOT being features on BITP. 
1. I have some shame 
2. Tony Gibb, you are an arrogant clueless tosser. At least Rob Hayles managed a year with Cofidis. 
It’s taken me 6 months to post this photo, I’m so scared of it. Although Chris Boardman came across very well in Ned Boulting’s book. 

Sorry lads, however much you beg, your boners are NOT being features on BITP. 

1. I have some shame 


2. Tony Gibb, you are an arrogant clueless tosser. At least Rob Hayles managed a year with Cofidis. 

It’s taken me 6 months to post this photo, I’m so scared of it. Although Chris Boardman came across very well in Ned Boulting’s book. 

Feb 27th, 2013
sprint boners for gobby

sprint boners for gobby

Aug 20th, 2012

Sprint Boners for Razi Boy And Bondage Tony…

Alex Rasmussen has just won his first race of 2011! Miss Elizabeth was quietly awaiting the result whilst planning her wedding songs, then I saw this…

And this…

Haven’t quite worked out if it’s the same photo but then she said this…

Coincidentally there was this interview with Alex earlier today. I think Ed Hood has the biggest man crush on Razi Boy ever. But who can blame him, I await sprint boner photos like most people await hot dinners. My favourite part of the interview?

"VN: How’s your weight?

AR: I lost two kilos, but I think I’ve also built a lot of muscle, I’ve lost a lot of fat – all that climbing has done that. I’m really looking forward to my next races.”

Why do the always mention his weight, I assume he is now 84 Kilos instead of almost 90. That’s actually more than double my rather hefty 88 pounds. I could do with losing 2kg too but perhaps not the muscle in replacement. I however hope that this doesn’t mean his beautiful bottom has demimished in size. Whilst doing my usual round of googling this evening I found this article, if not less rabid than Hood’s, more erm revealing. I’ve seen them all before but OMFG they’re all in one place. My favourite being this one…

Or perhaps this, 

But anyway, moving on, THE SHIRT is back. But on Andy now, not Jakob. One wonders, one really does. 

Fabian, he look sexy in his photoshoot…

What’s going on with his trousers? One really wishes one could have a closer inspection, but alas Mrs Spartacus would kill me with her hairdressing scissors. 

Oh what of Tony Gibb? The poor guy didn’t have a nice time in Peterborough when his bag got run over. He’s still mourning the loss today. 

Regarding ‘twatter’ One assumes that is lovesick tony’s term for twitter ranting, of which he seems to do rather a lot of. Look at him though.

If I were a cyclist I wouldn’t run over his kit bag. I might end up like this.


No actually let me rephrase that, when is Tony’s next race so I can run over his beloved Oakley Jawbones. (I really must stop frequenting that type of website A girl can dream she supposes. I have a terrible fixation.  Can’t get my mind off it. 

Forgetting BondageTony and SprintBonerRaziboy for just a minute, Miss Elizabeth is having wedding related nightmares again. The latest being that she gets to the altar and MJ is there waiting in a pair of very scuffed shoes. One hopes he gets round to buying some soon or she will never get any sleep. No one told me that planning a wedding would involve waking up in a cold sweat about the Groom’s attire.

Jun 5th, 2011

Does Your Heart Go Boooooooooom?

Deary me darlings. It’s been a while since Miss Elizabeth posted anything but a photo or a video so what had been happening in Liza-land?

Well not much, she may have listened to a few crap songs lately, nothing new there.  The Giro came and went. She bought some new clothes from the shops and thought of quite a lot of cycling related pornography. MJ made a new song up about Alberto Contador. It goes,


Hear him roar,

He’s Contador.

He won GT Number four.”

Isn’t he silly. I preferred the Chris Hoy song myself.  

Conversations get stranger with Mother Dearest. Today’s phone call earned me the pithy put down “Well Elizabeth, you might well have nice tits, but you’ve got no common sense.” I give up! She might be partially right. Back on to MJ. He asked “How do lady cyclists have a wee in a race?” My answer of how exactly they do it sent him scuttling off back to his computer leaving me free to watch…

Tony Gibb and his not so visible sprint boner. I had a job even spotting his hat let alone anything else. I hope he wins something soon since I’m running out of photos and his twitter gets stranger by the day. I do wonder what football team he supports. I bet it’s Millwall. (It’s probably not, but it would fit his style.) I did find this photo though. It may be a bit too close up. 

Fabian won the prologue of the Tour of Luxembourg look. 

I don’t half love rainbow lycra. 

Oh and looook. Baby Kosta and his pink nose plaster. They seem to be back in fashion. I swear I saw Alex Rasmussen sporting one a couple of weeks ago.

Has Uncle Rolf got a job lot or is Cav trying to cure Bernie’s snoring? 

Tomorrow one hopes Cav hasn’t killed Bernie… and HTC get round the TTT course. They better take Alex with them or I’ll cry. 

Jun 1st, 2011

Tony and His GB Outfit

May 25th, 2011

Tony Gibb

Is doing the Olympics on Eurosport! eeeeeeeeeeeee. 

May 25th, 2011

Nibali hasn’t Killed Contador In The Giro Just Yet.

Miss Elizabeth has neglected cycling blogging, this page being more gin than pelotonic at present. The Tour Of California came and went. Bernie was quiet. Andy surprised people and Jakob Fuglsang really needs to give commentators some lessons on how to pronounce his surname. Brian Smith, I mean YOU. 

Kill-a-man-Giro is now on rest day hiatus. Radioshack are in trouble and I’m sure Michael and Alex were allowed to share a room last night. Contador is still in the pink jersey, meanwhile Bjarne Riis went on a motorbike.

We’ll see what 4 mountain top finishes does to him next week. Stage 15 yesterday was completely epic. Nibali tried, Sparponi looked grim and the grupetti groaned. Some men spent over eight hours in the saddle yesterday. This is old, but sums up my point. 

In Par Nummer 7 watch. Alex and Michael were on the phone doing an interview this afternoon. (Thank you Ditte and Leela for these. My little spies, where would I be with out you?) Apparently, Alex is staying in so that team HTC can keep their bus. Awww. I’m not to sure if they got it right when they said he was the ‘race’s heaviest man,’ surely they meant, the cyclist with the prettiest arse left in the race. Alex also talks about the grupetto, here. He’s looking forward to the flat TT next Sunday. Sadly, nothing about room sharing or champagne kisses. 

Alex looks like he needs a good rub down. 

In other news. The Tour of Belgium starts on Wednesday, this marks the return of Theo Bos!!!!!!! It’s going to be him against Tom Boonen in the battle of the Sprint Boners. Theo is gonna win by a mile I know it. 

As for ‘Today I’m Wearing’ I really can’t be bothered. It’s VERY windy oop-north today. So windy that when I left work this evening, I nearly wasn’t wearing a skirt because a gust straight out of a hurricane nearly claimed my skirt and hung it on the top of the Echo Building. That really wouldn’t have been good. 

Tomorrow, more Giro mountains. Alex Rasmussen will have lost about a stone and Miss Elizabeth may have managed to be good for just one day. 

Ohoh, I forgot to add, David Harmon asked my question on Eurosport yesterday. 

Sean said he had lots of best friends, but he doesn’t like it how all the riders all talk on the mobiles at dinner nowadays. He says it was better in the ‘80’s when all the riders were like a little family and he really used to look forward to his dinner at night. Bless. 

David then added that Sean always bumps into one of his many friends at races and they always have a good time. Ah well, if they’d just let Tony Gibb do a guest slot it would be even more fun. Look, he could sort the team tactics for their morning ride. 

I wouldn’t mess with him Sean. If he says sprint, you sprint. 

May 23rd, 2011
Has Tony Gibb lost his razor? And are those flip flops?

Has Tony Gibb lost his razor? And are those flip flops?

May 19th, 2011